Panel Blinds

Perfect for large doors and windows
Kresta Panel Blinds are both innovating and versatile. They are perfect as a screen for large windows or doors, and are a practical and stylish choice. Particularly effective in informal areas, they offer a simple, natural look.
Relaxed style
Whether you choose fabric or the natural wood-weave finish, panel blinds add a relaxed style to large windows, and sliding and bi-fold doors, particularly in informal living areas. Tall vertical panels stack neatly to one side of the window for unobstructed views, and glide effortlessly closed for night-time privacy.
Easy to use
Each tall vertical panel is connected. An easy-to-use wand controls the lead panel, which pulls the remaining panels in sequence, in one easy glide action.
Ideal for sliding and biā€“fold doors
Stylish, individual appearance
Natural wood-weave or fabric finish
Blind panels can easily be height adjusted
Blind panels are opened and closed simply by pulling along the wand